Individual and Multiple Tutorial Suite Purchase

Tutorial Suite Access Tokens can be purchased as a single token, or as 5 or 10 token bundles. You can purchase access by creating an OpenHelix Account and following the instructions you receive by email about verifying your account. Individual tutorials start at $98.

Once logged in, you will see purchase options here.

About Tokens

A token is assigned to your individual account and will give you access to view the tutorial and/or session, including the training materials for two weeks after activation. The tokens expire after 12 months from purchase.


FIND the most relevant resource quickly and easily

OpenHelix searches hundreds of genomics resources, tutorial suites, and other material to deliver the most relevant resources in seconds. Search at OpenHelix saves time and effort - avoid massive generalized searches or hunting and pecking through lists of databases. With a subscription, you'll be able to access all the OpenHelix training materials delivered in search results.

LEARN how to use the resource

Save time and money with a subscription to nearly 100 OpenHelix online tutorial suites:

  • Enables independent, effective and efficient use of a resource.
  • Save time for your critical needs by relying on OpenHelix tutorials to provide the introductory training on resources.
  • Save time and money when teaching others by using the provided PowerPoint slides, suggested script, slide handouts, and exercises.

breakthrough research

More efficient use of the most relevant resources means quicker and more effective research. With a subscription, you and your institution can further enable breakthrough research. You can deliver OpenHelix tutorial suites within your already existing information portal or through the OpenHelix site.


The most effective and efficient way to leverage genomics resources

Quickly learn how to use a resource when you need it. The 30-60 minute online narrated tutorials, which run in just about any browser, highlight and explain all the features and functionality needed to start using the resource effectively. The tutorials also include a "movie," which walks the user through a sample exercise while the narrator explains and completes each step. Use the tutorial to introduce yourself to a new resource, to view new features and functionality, or simply as a reference tool to refresh your memory of the resource.

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Invaluable access to time-saving content

An OpenHelix subscription gives you complete access to a catalog of 100 tutorial suites in a wide range of categories. The breadth and depth of the resources covered assures you'll have the tutorial suite on the resources you need to learn.
Each Tutorial Suite includes:

  • An online narrated tutorial can be viewed from beginning to end or navigated using chapters and forward and backward sliders.
  • Complete PowerPoint slide set with animations and suggested script.
  • Step-by-step exercises for hands-on experience.
  • PDF of slides for handouts

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Academic, Government and Non-Profit PricingPrice per individual downloadAnnual subscriptionCommercial pricingPrice per individual downloadAnnual subscription
Up to 30 sessions$79$2,370Up to 30 sessions$119$3,570
Up to 100 sessions$49$4,900Up to 100 sessions$79$7,900
Up to 200 sessions$39$7,800Up to 200 sessions$59$11,800
Up to 400 sessions$29$11,600Up to 400 sessions$39$15,600
Up to 600 sessions$24$14,400Up to 600 sessions$34$23,400

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