OpenHelix tutorials in category Proteins

Tools that are primarily used in the storage, retrieval, or exploration of amino acid based data. Some tools may also involve nucleotide sequence information.

Subscription requiredConsensusA pattern and motif recognition programConsensus
Subscription requiredEntrez ProteinNCBI's Entrez Protein for amino acid-centric informationNCBI Protein database
Freely availableFunctional Glycomics GatewayThe home for Functional Glycomics researchConsortium for Functional Glycomics
Subscription requiredGeneMANIAGeneMANIA: Fast Gene Function PredictionsGeneMANIA
Subscription requiredGibbs Motif SamplerA motif finder and analysis toolGibbs
Subscription requiredIntAct protein interaction databaseIntAct is an open source database and analysis resource for protein interaction dataIntAct
Subscription requiredInterProA comprehensive protein signature resourceThe InterPro Database
Subscription requiredMDscanMotif Discovery scan for nucleotide and protein motifsMDscan
Subscription requiredMEME AlgorithmMultiple Expectation Maximum for Motif ElicitationMEME
Subscription requiredMINTMolecular Interaction DatabaseMINT
Subscription requiredMMDBMolecular Modeling Database at NCBIMMDB
Subscription requiredPathway Interaction DatabaseA resource of pathway and network data and displaysNCI / Nature Pathway Interaction Database
Subscription requiredPfamProtein Domain familiesPfam
Subscription requiredPROSITEDatabase of protein domains, families and functional sitesPROSITE
Subscription requiredRCSB PDBRCSB Protein Data BankRCSB PDB
Subscription requiredSMARTProtein domain annotation and analysis of domain architecturesSMART
Subscription requiredSTRINGknown and predicted protein-protein interactionsSTRING
Subscription requiredStructural Biology KnowledgebaseThe Protein Structure Initiative Structural Biology KnowledgebaseThe Protein Structure Initiative Structural Biology Knowledgebase
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: The Additional ToolsAdditional tools at the UCSC Genome BrowserUCSC Genome Browser
Subscription requiredUniProtUniProt, Universal Protein ResourceUniProt