OpenHelix tutorials in category Pathways and Interactions

Tools that are involved with protein interactions and pathway features. Some tools are primarily repositories and some offer analysis options.

Subscription requiredBioSystemsDatabase of Biological SystemsNCBI BioSystems
Subscription requiredCytoscapeAn open-source software platform used for visualization and analysis of molecular interaction and network dataCytoscape
Subscription requiredDAVIDA tool that analyzes large lists of genes to provide biological meaningDAVID
Subscription requiredGeneMANIAGeneMANIA: Fast Gene Function PredictionsGeneMANIA
Subscription requiredGenMAPPA freely available open source software application for visualizing microarray data in the context of biological pathways. GenMAPP--Gene Microarray Pathway Profiler
Subscription requiredIntAct protein interaction databaseIntAct is an open source database and analysis resource for protein interaction dataIntAct
Subscription requiredKEGGKEGG, The Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and GenomesKEGG
Subscription requiredMINTMolecular Interaction DatabaseMINT
Subscription requiredPathway Interaction DatabaseA resource of pathway and network data and displaysNCI / Nature Pathway Interaction Database
Subscription requiredReactomeKnowledgebase of biological processesReactome
Subscription requiredReactome LegacyOlder version of the current Reactome knowledgebase of biological processes.Reactome
Subscription requiredSTRINGknown and predicted protein-protein interactionsSTRING
Subscription requiredVisANTA web-based or downloadable software platform used for visualization and analysis of networks and interaction pathwaysVisANT