OpenHelix tutorials in category Nucleotides

Tools that are primarily used in the storage, retrieval, or exploration of nucleotide-based data. Some tools may also involve protein sequence information.

Subscription requiredAlternative Splicing and Transcript Diversity (ASTD) databaseA bioinformatics resource for alternative splice events and transcripts for human, mouse, and ratASTD
Subscription requiredCMRComprehensive Microbial ResourceTIGR Comprehensive Microbial Resource
Subscription requiredConsensusA pattern and motif recognition programConsensus
Subscription requiredDBTSSDatabase of Transcriptional Start Sites DBTSS
Subscription requiredEntrez GeneNCBI's Entrez tool for gene-centric informationNCBI Entrez Gene
Freely availableGenoCADComputer-Assisted Design software for synthetic biologyGenoCAD
Freely availableGenoCAD Advanced TopicsComputer-Assisted Design software for synthetic biologyGenoCAD
Subscription requiredGibbs Motif SamplerA motif finder and analysis toolGibbs
Subscription requiredMDscanMotif Discovery scan for nucleotide and protein motifsMDscan
Subscription requiredMelina IIA Web-Based Tool for Promoter AnalysisMelina II
Subscription requiredMEME AlgorithmMultiple Expectation Maximum for Motif ElicitationMEME
Subscription requiredmiRBasemicroRNA sequences, targets and gene nomenclaturemiRBase
Subscription requiredPrimer3Pick primers from a DNA sequence. Primer3
Subscription requiredRefSeqProvides molecular sequence records to help locate gene and protein data.RefSeq
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: The Additional ToolsAdditional tools at the UCSC Genome BrowserUCSC Genome Browser
Subscription requiredVISTATools for Comparative GenomicsVISTA