OpenHelix tutorials in category Expression

This category may contain various expression data collections, annotation tools, or repositories of expression data.

Subscription requiredAllen Mouse Brain AtlasMapped gene expression data in mouse brainAllen Mouse Brain Atlas
Subscription requiredAlternative Splicing and Transcript Diversity (ASTD) databaseA bioinformatics resource for alternative splice events and transcripts for human, mouse, and ratASTD
Subscription requiredArrayExpressA public repository for microarray gene expression data at the EBIArrayExpress
Subscription requiredCleanExA Database of Heterogeneous Gene Expression Data Based on A Consistent Gene NomenclatureCleanEx
Subscription requiredDAVIDA tool that analyzes large lists of genes to provide biological meaningDAVID
Subscription requiredDBTSSDatabase of Transcriptional Start Sites DBTSS
Freely availableFunctional Glycomics GatewayThe home for Functional Glycomics researchConsortium for Functional Glycomics
Subscription requiredGene Expression Omnibus (GEO)A gene expression/molecular abundance repository and a curated, online resource for gene expression dataGene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Subscription requiredGENSATProvides an extensive amount of high quality images of gene expression in the central nervous system of the mouse.
Subscription requiredPhenomicDBPhenotypes databasePhenomicDB
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: The Additional ToolsAdditional tools at the UCSC Genome BrowserUCSC Genome Browser
Subscription requiredVISTATools for Comparative GenomicsVISTA