OpenHelix tutorials in category Variation & Medical

Resources that include information about sequence variation, phenotypes, or medically-relevant conditions.

Subscription requiredCGAPCharacterize the molecular genetic changes that cause a normal cell to become a cancer cellCGAP
Subscription requireddbGaPA database of genotypes and phenotypes with extensive variation data and clinical detailsdbGaP
Subscription requireddbSNPNCBI's SNP databaseNCBI dbSNP
Subscription requiredDGV: Database of Genomic VariantsDatabase of Genomic Variants, DGV, catalogs and displays structural variation in the human genomeDGV: Database of Genomic Variants
Subscription requiredGAD: Genetic Association DatabaseAn archived database associating human genes and polymorphisms with diseasesGAD: Genetic Association Database
Subscription requiredGenetics Home ReferenceA collection of data describing the effects of genetic variability on human health and diseaseGenetics Home Reference
Subscription requiredGenome Variation Server (GVS)A database providing rapid access to human genotype data and analysis tools.GVS
Subscription requiredHapMapHapMap, a database and analysis resource of human variationHapMap
Subscription requiredMadeline 2.0Human pedigree diagram toolsMadeline 2.0
Subscription requiredNIEHS SNPsNational Institute for Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Genome Project (EGP) SNPsNIEHS SNPs Program
Freely availableOMIMOnline Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM): A database of human genes, genetic diseases and disordersOMIM
Subscription requiredPhenomicDBPhenotypes databasePhenomicDB
Subscription requiredPubMedPubMed access to biomedical research literatureNCBI PubMed
Subscription requiredSeattleSNPsHuman SNPs in genesSeattleSNPs
Subscription requiredVISTATools for Comparative GenomicsVISTA