OpenHelix tutorials in category Algorithms and Analysis

This category contains various tools that may help perform analysis of different genomics data types. This may include sequence alignment, large-scale or complex queries, motif finding, or comparative assessments.

Subscription requiredBioMartManagement and querying of many types of biological dataBioMart
Subscription requiredBLASTBasic Local Alignment and Search ToolNCBI BLAST
Subscription requiredClustalW2Performs multiple sequence alignmentsClustal W
Subscription requiredConsensusA pattern and motif recognition programConsensus
Subscription Comparative Genomics Developments, a collection of powerful comparative genomics anthology of comparative genomic tools
Subscription requiredFASTAFASTA sequence algorithmFASTA
Subscription requiredGalaxyAnalysis tools for researchersGalaxy
Subscription requiredGene Expression Omnibus (GEO)A gene expression/molecular abundance repository and a curated, online resource for gene expression dataGene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Subscription requiredGibbs Motif SamplerA motif finder and analysis toolGibbs
Subscription requiredGoMiner Ascribe biological significance to large lists of genes by annotating them with their corresponding GO categoriesGoMiner
Subscription requiredInterProA comprehensive protein signature resourceThe InterPro Database
Subscription requiredMDscanMotif Discovery scan for nucleotide and protein motifsMDscan
Subscription requiredMelina IIA Web-Based Tool for Promoter AnalysisMelina II
Subscription requiredMEME AlgorithmMultiple Expectation Maximum for Motif ElicitationMEME
Subscription requiredMEME Suite GLAM2 AlgorithmPart of a motif discovery tool that can detect conserved motifs in a set of DNA or protein sequences.GLAM2
Subscription requiredMEME Suite OverviewMotif-based sequence analysis toolsMEME
Subscription requiredMEME Suite Sequence Annotation ToolsMEME suite motif finding and annotating toolsMEME
Subscription requiredMEME Suite TOMTOM and GOMO algorithmsMotif discovery tool that can detect conserved motifs in a set of DNA or protein sequences that you provideMEME
Subscription requiredPrimer3Pick primers from a DNA sequence. Primer3
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: An IntroductionThe UCSC Genome Browser IntroductionUCSC Genome Browser
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: Custom Tracks and Table BrowserUCSC Genome Browser advanced topicsUCSC Genome Browser
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: The Additional ToolsAdditional tools at the UCSC Genome BrowserUCSC Genome Browser
Subscription requiredUniProtUniProt, Universal Protein ResourceUniProt
Subscription requiredVBRCThe Viral Bioinformatics Resource CenterVBRC
Subscription requiredVISTATools for Comparative GenomicsVISTA