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NCBI Tree Viewer

The helpful folks at NCBI have been ramping up their outreach. I've been watching a lot of their webinars, and they are trying different styles. The more traditional ones that are about the length of a seminar, and lately shorter quick-hit types of th... MORE

PhenogramViz for evaluating phenotypes and CNVs

As I've mentioned before, once I start looking over some new tools I'm often led to others in the same arena that offer related but different features. That's what happened when I looked at the Proband iPad app for human pedigrees. I noted that they a... MORE

Human Phenotype Ontology, HPO

Typically, our Tips-of-the-Week cover a specific software tool or feature that we think readers would maybe like to try out. But this week's tip is a bit different. It's got a conceptual piece that is important, as well as referencing several software... MORE



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Friday SNPpets

This week's SNPpets include physicians and genomic medicine readiness, genomics testing standards, the Narcissome, assessing the value of data repositories, and more. But you *must* see the lizards playing poker. Seriously. Welcome to our Friday feature link collection: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don't make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment... https://twitter.com/genetics_blog/status/599212999296028672 https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/599062344136720384 https://twitter.com/DrKhouryCDC/status/59926124... MORE

What's the Answer? (bioinformatics one-liners)

As much of a fan as I am of web-based tools for accessing what you need, there are times when the command line can so quickly accomplish what you need. When I looked at this new post at Biostars it was already hugely popular 3 hours into the day. So I think this captured some attention from the field, and some of our readers might want to check out some of these ideas, or offer your own. So, this week's unusual highlighted question is about the command line. Biostars is a site for asking, answering and discussing bioinformatics questions and issues. We are members of the community and find it ... MORE

World Tour of Genomics Resources II handouts, webinar follow-up post

Typically when we do a webinar, we create a companion blog post for further discussion that we might not have been able to do in the webinar session. You might also try out the sites I talk about and come back with comments or questions. Or for folks who couldn't make it, but later will watch, and have things they would like to discuss. Also, it gives me a place to leave the slide handouts and the link document that go with this webinar. If you are seeing this on Thursday before the session, there's still time to sign up: http://www.bio-itworld.com/bioit_webinar.aspx?id=148335 . Slide handouts:... MORE